You deserve simple marketing that works.

I’ll help your B2B tech company get clear on what you offer—no matter how complex it is—so you can invite your prospects into a transformative story and close more deals.

Cut Through the Chaos

Reach Your People

Grow Your Business

Most marketing isn’t worth the investment because it doesn’t grow sales.

Too many B2B tech company leaders believe their product or service is so great it will sell itself—if they just get it in front of enough eyeballs. Instead of investing in traditional marketing, they throw everything they have at paid advertising and SEO. They sit back, wait, and wonder why they’re bleeding money and struggling to reach the very people they’re trying to serve. Sales fall flat, and their business flounders.

What if, instead of blasting no one in particular with more ads they don’t understand or care about, you could develop a clear marketing message that defines who your ideal buyer is, what problem you solve for them, and what their happy ending looks like?

You’d have yourself a story worth telling.


What you do is complex. What if you could make it clear? 


You would quit trying to be a CMO, and instead work with an expert who cares about your business as much as you.

Simplify Your Message

You would be able to clearly describe your offering in a way that’s engaging + easy for your audience to understand.

See the Right Results

You would reach the right people at the right time with the right message, inspire them to act, and grow.

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, I believe when you develop a clear marketing message that defines what your target audience wants, what problem you solve for them, and what life can be like after they engage with you, you have a story worth telling. 

I can help you make sure that story is worth listening to.

I’ve spent the past 20 years helping my clients get clear on what they offer and then communicate it on their website, in their emails, and through video and other media so they can reach more people and grow.

If you’re ready to get unstuck, build your brand, create a website that turns browsers into buyers, and deliver marketing messages that are as simple and powerful as your ideas so you can close more deals, let’s talk.

Here’s How It Works

We chat

I get to know you, your business, and your needs.

We plan

We create a custom brand strategy and marketing message to propel you forward.

You win

There’s no stopping you now that your message is clear and your strategy is in place. Get ready to grow!

Here’s How I’ll Help

You Win

Create a clear brand story

Bring on the clarity: We’ll work together to write words you can use right away to clearly describe the problem your buyers are having and to position your killer product or service as the solution.

Develop marketing collateral that works

Now that your message is clear, set yourself up for long-term growth with a sales funnel customized to your business, including a website that converts browsers into buyers; sales, landing, and product pages; a lead-generating asset to grow your list; automated sales and nurturing email sequences; and more.

Win with ongoing marketing support

You don’t want to hire a full-time marketing person right now. With a short-term, interim, or long-term retainer, you won’t have to. I can provide direction for or supplement your existing marketing team, assist with projects, or serve as your fractional CMO, giving you more flexibility. #winning

Here’s what my clients have to say.

“We provide advanced analytics software—driven by AI and machine learning—to universities, so we were drawn to Kelly’s background in higher ed and her business and tech acumen. What we weren’t expecting was how well she was able to help us craft our brand message and immediately translate it into marketing collateral, including sales emails and pitch decks, that got results.”

David Babst
former VP of Marketing, Othot Inc.

“Before working with Kelly, I was overwhelmed by having to develop a well-oiled marketing campaign—from the creation of a first-class website to targeted messaging, appropriate branding, and digital and print assets. I was impressed by her talent, expertise, experience, and work ethic, as well as how she wasn’t afraid to challenge me on certain issues, which led to a better end product. We finished our website, delivered our message to the market, attracted more students, and were able to launch our program thanks to her guidance.”

Leona Mitchell
founding director, University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information Professional Institute

“Kelly helped us to clarify a brand-new and very technical product that no one has ever heard of, which helped us to generate more effective marketing, sales, and investment collateral. We were then able to enter into negotiations with $7MM and $15MM investment deals. Before this, any investment deals were under $100K. She made my life much easier, she was fast and professional, and she made it fun!”

Greg Heller
Chief Operating Officer, HNO Green Fuels

These organizations are #winning at marketing.

Revolutionize your marketing

I am a StoryBrand Certified Guide, which means I use a proven marketing framework, called StoryBrand, that will straight-up revolutionize your marketing, help you to connect with your audiences in a whole new way, and lead to never-before-seen engagement and growth for your organization.


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